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Diesel Engine Cooling Liquid

We are the leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Diesel Engine Cooling Liquid. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra our treatment has especially been designed to overcome the undesirable characteristics that are usually found when using chromate or soluble oil corrosion inhibitors. The treated re-circulating water of cooling liquid is usually colorless. The leakage at the packing glands produces zero crystalline deposits or unsightly stains. You’ll also not experience any foam or carbonization at points of high transfer. It is an effective corrosion inhibitor that is non-chromate and non-abrasive. It is not a soluble oil and is pH buffered. Compatible with antifreeze it protects the Ferrous and copper bearing metals by Minimizing metal oxide deposits.

Info :

  • Prevents acid attack
  • Applicable where water is the heat source for the evaporator/distiller
  • Reduces disposal and toxicity problems
  • Safer to handle
  • Does not damage seals, hoses packing
  • No foam or carbonized deposits
  • Not sensitive o overdosing
  • Easily tested and controlled
  • Dose not form fouling deposits when mixed with ethylene glycol
  • Application and Use The recommend treatment level of PARAFIX-DEWT diesel engine cooling water treatment is 3000-4500ppm. This represents an initial dosage of 3.2 KG per ton of circulating water. Subsequent dosages are dependent upon the concentration found in the re-circulating water.
  • Diesel engine cooling water treatment is an effective corrosion inhibitor for all the normal ferrous and copper bearing metals in a circulating water system. There are no deleterious effects on glands; etc. It is compatible with antifreeze materials will not form objectionable sludge's.
  • Efficient heat transfer is assured since corrosion is held to ammonium and surfaces are maintained free of deposits. Diesel engine cooling water treatment is recommended for systems with good quality distilled water makeup.